Arz Lebanon

The name ‘ Arz Lebanon’  Restaurant is inspired by the cedar tree(‘Arz’ in Arabic) that grows in the towering mountions of Lebanon.  It is known that this tree lives for hundreds of years reaching to more than 35 meters high. Cedar tree is also known as the “Cedar of God”. Thus, our restaurant is named after this tree, enjoying all the excellence, strength and continuation associated with this name.

Therefore, we have incorporated the spirit of this atmosphere invoving cedar wood and white stone , in the walls and corners of our restaurant to make our customers feel the essence of the place.

We have prepared a team of the best distinguished  chefs  and who are well trained to provide all the Lebanon and Arab cuisines and beverages.  The service team members are intellectual and clever  performing their duties to enable our guests enjoying the delight of taste and enoyment while selecting  the dishes meeting their satisfaction.